RedKings have one of the Larguest Online Poker Room Deposit Bonuses + Mobile Poker

Red Kings Mobile

Once you have an account at redkings poker you can play any time any place any where (bit of a pun there i think) but it's true just access the redkings web site & download the mobile software provided & no matter where you are you can relax & play poker, also when joining redkings you can grab a whole choice of new player bonuses up to $1,000.

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RedKings Poker; Average Appearance with Abundant Bonus

From all games provided by the popular Ongame network, it can be summarized that RedKings is really the king. Not only it features best game but it also wins the players' hearts with its fantastic graphics, good game variety, 20 languages downloads programs as well as the super high traffic rates.

With most of European players, RedKings are always full of traffic during the prime European playing hours. Lucky for you if you're Europeans as you can get lots of bonuses to keep you come back to the tables since the first time of your signing up. There are compound bonuses to choose from with different requirements so that you can pick the bonus that is best for you. They also proffer customary stock up bonuses such that you would always get an additional incentive to participate there on outstanding customer support. Options of game with variety is excellent as it comes equipped with Stud, Omaha Hi/Lo , Stud Hi/Lo and a 5 Card draw is also available. In RedKings, the tables are either 10 handed, 5 handed, or heads up. Here, chances are there when players can make their own custom tables with any number of seats they want.

It is very user friendly as well as new players won't hesitate to compete with those experienced who play high stakes cash games. The commonly run supplementary sponsorships such as associations or presently if you are dealing with red pocket kings you be eligible for free $10 or may be $50 if you lose with them at showdown.

Things to consider to play RedKings includes the numerous of multi-table tournaments running for the whole day with an ample array of buy-in sizes and game types. One of the most favorite parts of RedKings lovers is Sit & Go tournaments. They are provided at any time with anywhere from a $1 to a $500 buy-in. They reach recurrently up to the $100 level during prime time. Yet, it still reaches the $10 during off hours.

Compared with other games websites, the software is also somewhat supportive though it is not really good in themes and settings. Finding games can be done easily since it already applies a tough filtering method. Yet, users are sometimes disappointed with the less up dated cash game statistics which include average pot size and average % of players. Yet, it does have avatars feature though some players find that viewing hand histories on RedKings is a great disaster. They are accessible straight away just with a click of a link . Yet, you should be ready to read it in a new web page. You can't move back and locate the mucked ones card for the opponent despite you are playany number of table simultaneously.

Bonuses are abundant. There are about 6 bonuses for signing up. Get yourself $50 Pocket Red Kings Bonus Reward, Red Pocket Kings Bad Beat and $50 transfer bonus on sign up. RedKings present from gift vouchers, $750+ in tourneys until free roll of $100 for new players. Try also the Big Deal where stakes go as high as $100,000. Fixed bonuses include Hearts 250 which givers 100% bonus of up to $250. Incremental bonuses could also be an added advantage such as King Size which varies as 1250, 2500 and 5000.