Want to Place a Bet Then theres no better place to get bigger better Odd's than the Betfair Betting Exchange ! You can Lay Odd's To

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Betfair The Ultimate Online Betting Exchange

Betfair Probably One of the best Ideas Anyone has ever had when it comes to Placeing bets on any sporting event World wide, Get better Odd's & if you do not think an apponent is going to win then become the bookmaker and lay odds your self.

No matter the wager you need to place large or small on any sporting event betfair has got you covered, betfair moves beyond conventunal bookmakers & is leaps and bounds ahead, other bookmakers are all still playing catch up with the revolution that is betfair, while writing this i'm thinking of the times i had over sixty sports book accounts with cash in just about all of them at one time or another, The hassle i had placeing bets on foreigne games drove me crazy, I would try placeing a bet of £50 to several hundred pounds only for the site to say the maximum we can accept is £14 or £37.50 e.c.t, But with betfair there is no issue to how much you can bet it's limitless and whats more the prices offered are so much better due to the combination of people like you and me offering to take the bet. Lets face it when you have thousands upon thousands of people all laying a minimum of £2 on any given event or outcome your bet will be coverd no matter how much you want to bet.

Betfair settles bets as soon as the event is over within miniutes your account is credited with your winnings and making a withdrawl is a breeze, within 24hours you have your cash it's wonderfull. The betfair markets are virtually limit less you can bet multiples on any sport or the usual bookmaker bets like lucky 15s yankees e.c.t there all available to you.

Using the exchange is really simple to, if you want lay money on a sporting event or outcome you simple enter the figure you want to lay and the totals are calculated for you before you have completed the lay of any bet.

For those that want to place bets any where betfair has brought out the betfair mobile app which allows to bet or lay while on the move. As a sports book opperator betfair is as good as it gets.